Weaver Popcorn Hybrids

Weaver Popcorn Hybrids is a popcorn seed company that consists of seed production and our own in-house hybrid research and breeding program. All our seeds are developed and produced on farms managed by Weaver Popcorn Hybrids.

Benefiting from 90 years of expertise in the popcorn industry, our company is a leader in enhanced breeding and hybrid seed quality. Highly qualified and experienced teams of PhD scientists and professional agronomists manage each step of our operations and have a strong history of collaborating with growers, processors, and manufacturers. We have OECD and ISTA certified hybrids, are currently registering in various countries, and are selling our hybrids throughout the world.

Since the 1970's our research team has been dedicated to developing special varieties of popcorn to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers by evaluating and testing thousands of new hybrid combinations. To learn more about our breeding program, click here.

We sell a variety of mushroom and butterfly hybrids to farmers and processors based upon each customer's unique needs. To learn more about the unique characteristics of each of our hybrids, click here.

All Weaver Popcorn Hybrid seed is produced by our in-house seed production team. This ensures its non-GMO status and allows us to control the quality and genetic purity of every product that is produced and sold. To learn more, click here.