Breeding Program

Our breeding program integrates classical breeding with modern plant breeding tools. We develop strictly non-GMO, dent-sterile popcorn hybrids that are verified and certified by a third party.

We run efficient summer-winter breeding programs led by highly qualified and experienced breeders that adhere to the following process:

  1. Crosses between different popcorn plants are made to combine favorable traits such as high yields and good eating quality.
  2. Offspring of these crosses are then self-pollinated to create uniform plants, called popcorn inbred lines, that are tested for genetic purity and evaluated for dent sterility. While inbred lines (also called parents) are kept as pure lines, they are also crossed with other parents to develop popcorn hybrids.
  3. These hybrids are grown multiple years and in many environments throughout the world to rigorously evaluate them for yield, quality, adaptability, and other favorable characteristics.

As a result of this process, thousands of new hybrids are created each year, but only 1-2 of the best performing hybrids make it to commercial production.

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