Seed Production

Our seed production process adheres to the most stringent requirements, which are above and beyond industry standards.

Weaver Popcorn Hybrids creates the highest quality popcorn seed by following the process outlined below:

  1. Hybrid seed is created by planting rows of "male" and "female" inbred lines next to each other.
    1. All corn plants have both male and female flowers. The "female" plants are one parent line, detasseled to inhibit self-pollinating. The "male" plants are another parent line that naturally pollinate the "female" plants to make the hybrid seed on the ear of the "female" plant.
    2. A third party inspects seed fields to confirm and certify that the seed meets all phytosanitary regulations.
  2. Hybrid seed is harvested on the ear at the optimum moisture to prevent damage.
  3. Each ear is visually inspected to ensure the highest quality and uniformity of the seed.
  4. Hybrid seed is conditioned to the ideal moisture to increase shelf life and ensure the seeds will perform at maximum ability once planted.
  5. Seed is shelled, cleaned, and sorted to remove any damaged kernels.
  6. A third party performs warm and cold germination tests. Seed is only kept if it meets our standards, which are higher than all industry requirements.
  7. Seed is treated, packaged and shipped to the customer.

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